Core Values


We believe the opportunity to be of service is the most sacred privilege that occurs within the human experience. Well-Designed exists to be of service to the design community, to facilitate ways in which our members, partners and collaborators may be of service to one another, to the community and ultimately to the greater whole of our planet.


We’re committed to the pursuit of an ever more harmonious design community, bolstered by increased vitality and made resonant through meaningful shared experiences. Out of a deepened sense of belongingness, connectedness and trust arises a collective whole that’s so much more than the sum of its parts.


We believe in nurturing transformation through sharing. Once shared, experiences form a foundation for community, ideas take on new form, intentions become actions, inspirations move closer to realization, resources become building blocks and even simple acknowledgements take on the transformational power of gratitude.


Access to significant idea exchanges, insight on mindful materials and pathways to health and well-being are all critical to our commitment. Without them, design work is unsustainable. Designers are in a unique position to invent, create and advocate for thoughtful and resilient built environments that can actually help move the needle on the existential issues of our time.


This is our decisive value. The rest can only exist within the context of inclusivity. Authentic sharing requires a safe space for beautifully diverse views and ideas. The only true service model demands that we serve all in equal measure. Community happens when diverse minds come together. And the only sustainable planet is one that harbors harmony and peace.