Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book Well-Designed for a private event?

Yes. Availability is limited and during our launch year, priority access to private event bookings will be offered to Leadership Members’ companies, Founding and Partner Sponsors’ companies, select industry event organizers, Media Partners and companies with Bespoke Partnerships.

How can my company become a partner?

So glad you asked! If you feel your company and brand aligns with the vision and values of Well-Designed, please contact us. Founding Partnerships are category exclusive and will be offered through April 1, 2023. Sponsor Partnerships are also currently open and have no category restrictions. Bespoke Partnerships including Media Partnerships are also available.

I work for a design industry company that isn’t a partner. Can I be a member?

Employees of Partner companies are given access to memberships. A limited number of Community Memberships are offered to employees of non-sponsor industry companies such as small businesses and industry-related nonprofits. Apply via the form on our Membership page here.

Many events are held in NYC, what if I live outside of the New York metro area?

Well-Designed will be bringing our launch events to various cities, and we offer virtual events and learning. Plus, you’ll find us at industry events both in and outside of the NY metro. It is our intention to have chapters nationwide in the future. Meanwhile we’re developing a Community Everywhere membership option. If you’d like updates about that option, please contact us at [email protected].

What if I’ve never practiced yoga?

Well-Designed yoga experiences are fully inclusive. We invite you to embrace this practice whether it is your first time or your one thousandth.

What is experiential learning?

Learning through meaningful experiences can be more memorable and more readily applicable to daily situational circumstances than traditional learning. Often, the experience itself adds velocity to the process of transformation. Similarly, the most powerful experiences are shared experiences. Our expert facilitators offer participants original experiences to assist in achieving their desired objectives.

Who are your facilitators and practitioners?

Well-Designed facilitators and practitioners are experienced professionals in their chosen fields. From experiential learning and transformational coaching to aromatherapy, nutrition, yoga and more, our experts provide the highest level of wellness experience. Nothing less will do for our thoughtful and discerning design community.

I’m a design student, but my school is not involved. How can I be a member?

Ask your school to get in touch with us to learn the benefits of our Student Membership programs.

What should I wear to a Workshop?

Be comfortable. Workshops may include movement, walking, stretching, breathing or sitting on a floor mat, so something stretchy or loose-fitting can facilitate those elements.

Why are there different membership types?

Intentional and thoughtful delineation between membership types creates a conducive setting for deeply exploring and navigating topics in a safe and open environment among industry peers.

What if I feel great already?

Good for you! Literally! You may deeply enjoy our yoga and meditation and other mindful practices from a foundation of excellent health. Well-Designed goes beyond physical health to creating practices that can be incorporated to help you more easily maintain your good health over time and also to create balance, fulfillment, a renewed joy in your work and a deeper kind of community with your colleagues.

What is your COVID protocol?

Well-Designed keeps its event protocol in compliance with current CDC guidelines. We’re all about wellness, after all.

Can I get a refund on my membership or an experience after purchase?

Our memberships and events are non-cancellable and non-transferrable. Please refer to the terms and conditions of each experience to determine eligibility for applying your purchase price to a later event should you need to cancel.