A renowned interior designer and a technology professional probably wouldn’t be the first two people you’d think of to start an industry organization whose objective is wellness. But Caleb Anderson and his partner DeAndre DeVane have done just that with Well-Designed.

Both founders envision the organization as a catalyst for change in the design industry, and each brings a unique point of view to the venture. With the support of industry partners and sponsors and a team of wellness experts, Anderson and DeVane facilitate new ways in which designers and architects can share meaningful and even transformational experiences collectively, and through a new lens elevate their industry as a whole.

It all started at a yoga retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica, where the couple first met. They’ve since embarked on a wellness journey that they now embrace as a joyful and lifelong pursuit. Along the way, they realized their common desire to share this experience and the integrity it can bring to work, relationships and to the very essence of being alive.

In lovingly and enthusiastically shaping experiences for the design community, Anderson is simultaneously using his design talent to explore the intersection of beauty and healthy materials, sustainability and social consciousness. This mirrors an evolution he is undertaking in his own design practice. For Well-Designed, he hopes to attract like-minded design practitioners as well as inspire a broad range of colleagues, firms  and brands to embrace a more holistic, sustainable and inclusive approach.

DeVane, meanwhile, has left his corporate career in the financial services industry for the wellness and coaching space. With his focus solely on wellness practices and transformational work, he brings heart and compassion to the work. His ability to listen, engage, challenge and inspire brings a unique soul into the world of Well-Designed.

Together, the pair share tools and resources, enlightening experiences and conceptual environments to support a healthy, happy and harmonious design community. In turn designers can leverage these ideas in their pursuit of crafting wellness-focused spaces for their clients.