Fall 2022 Launch Events

We’re so excited to bring our first events to designers across the country this Fall. Our launch will roll out from East to West and points between in both real and virtual platforms. These two core programs will be at the center of our launch content:

Panel: Why wellness in design matters.

Caleb Anderson and DeAndre DeVane, Founders of Well-Designed, along with wellness experts, facilitators and advocates present a discussion for our times. They’ll explore the importance of adapting a healthier framework for ourselves and in so doing create a healthier, happier, and more harmonious design community. They’ll reveal original Well-Designed research documenting a stunningly high prevalence of stress and anxiety in our community. The panel will propose new alternatives, helping designers discover the positive impact we can have once we embrace fresh possibilities for our own lives.

  • Learn ways to forge a path to a healthier way of being where creativity, relationships and business all flourish.
  • Participate in the beginning of a new paradigm for design.
  • Discover how it feels to authentically connect in ways that reveal a shared awareness of our common professional and human struggles.
  • Be with us as we begin laying a foundation to expand our experience and knowledge together from a place of wellness and true connection.

Workshop: Mirrors

Well-Designed’s inaugural workshop is a mini-version of our full-day workshops. It will start the conversation of how the design community can unite together to create a new benchmark for holistic wellbeing. Not just in our work or community, but far beyond. In this engaging, wholly unexpected experience, surprises will unfold one after another. Our expert facilitators will guide you through a revealing exploration of how we’re conditioned to see ourselves and the world. You’ll be offered a rare chance to reflect on your unique, individual relationship with yourself, your work, life and creative process. An eye-opening invitation to try on an astonishingly simple premise will powerfully reveal how your individual vision can be the key to transformation. You’ll leave with the knowledge that your own deepest hopes and desires, made real through your particular creative lens, are not only a source of infinite freedom but also the source of authentic connection with others.

event yoga
Member Event

Well-Designed Yoga Series

Thursdays: October 6, October 20, November 10, November 17 & December 1, 2022
6:15 pm
Edward Fields Showroom, Suite 1101
Architects & Designers Building
150 East 58th Street
New York, New, York
Hosted by
Tai Ping / Edward Fields

Well-Designed has a core value of inclusivity. It is our guiding light. So, this is yoga for everyone. Whether you’re deeply steeped in your yoga practice, or think Downward Dog is a hip-hop artist, our expert facilitators will make sure you have a peaceful, meaningful and mindful experience. We’re sure you’ll love practicing with your colleagues, starting your evening out amid the serenity and beauty of the Edward Fields showroom in the A&D building, high above the hustle and bustle of the city. In this way we can remove ourselves from the stresses of the day and open our hearts and minds together in silent community.

Class size is limited to optimize your experience, so sign up early. Open to Well-Designed members or via guest pass (code required).

Past Events

event why wellness in design matters
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event why wellness in design matters
event why wellness in design matters
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event why wellness in design matters
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