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Well-Designed Leader Retreat 2023

Beginning at the Heart, A Leadership Perspective

Coming Soon
Art Villas, Bahia Ballena, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

What would it feel like to let go and feel the freedom of powerfully leading from your heart? When you feel inspired, how can your spirit create a spontaneous uplift across your entire organization? Uncovering and releasing whatever doesn’t serve you, whatever may hold you back from true heart-centered leadership – that’s the purpose of our retreat.

Such an interruption of the day to day is served well by a complete change of surrounding, where you are sheltered from the ordinary. We’ve situated our next Well-Designed Retreat in a unique space on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, to cleanse the residue of urban culture from your mood and bathe you in a wellspring of creative, soulful existence. Experience the beating heart of nature alongside your colleagues in this immersive place, set into the terrain where jungle waterfalls dramatically cascade and ocean waves curl into a pristine and expansive beach. Feel your soul expand into the light and space of this magical place as you commune with like-minded leaders. Feel the rainforest jungle cradling you as you relax in privacy and comfort in beautifully designed architecture perched high over the majesty of the Pacific.

In this place, boundaries between inside and outside are few, allowing you to experience the freedom of imagining minds merging with one another and with the organic world. The Wing, an open-air pavilion where we will situate many of our movement, art/creativity, meditation and experiential learning times is a blissful, sun-shaded, space at the threshold of the jungle.

Art Villas were designed by the award-winning emerging international firm Formafetal, using materials that intentionally blend with nature juxtaposed by forms that distinguish the manmade from the organic.

This retreat is open to principals of interior design and architecture firms, allied industry business owners, as well as the owners and C-Suite Executives of our Founding and Sponsor Partners.

The content preview and cost schedule of our retreat will be posted soon. Meanwhile if you’re interested in learning more please contact us.

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